Web Store: Your flaws flood!

Web store has become a very competitive field in the present era of technology. Do you sometimes wonder why your competitors seem to be doing so well by their web stores while your web store is constantly performing below your expectations? There are many possible reasons, but certain flaws in your web store services and website development will surely lead to the decrease in sales sooner or later.

1. Your business is difficult to find

Ideally, your web store should be featured on the first page of Google search results, but without search engine optimization (SEO) this is close to impossible. This is why the biggest companies spend hundreds of dollars on their SEO campaigns and if your competitors get more traffic to their websites, they are most likely investing in SEO too. Find an SEO company that you can afford and start advertising your business in the most efficient way. Through friendly SEO you can initiate development of your web store.

2. Your offer is not competitive

If you sell the same products as your competitors but for twice the price, no wonder customers are avoiding your web store. If you cannot lower your prices, think about offering promotions on some of your products or adding goods and services your competitors do not provide. It can be anything, as long as it makes your offer worth the extra money your customers have to pay for the products in your web stores.

3. Your website takes too much time to load

Nearly 50 percent of internet users expect a website to load in 2 seconds tops, that includes both their desktop and mobile experience with the website. If your online store takes more than 3 seconds to load, you can lose even 80% of your prospective customers. Check your website load time using tools such as PageSpeed from Google and look for useful tips how to speed up your online store. Such robust shopping carts as Magento, for example, are well known for its slow performance, so many web merchants invest into Magentoperformance tuning to make sure their web pages are loading quickly. Follow their example.

4. Your online store is not optimized for mobile users

Website optimization for mobile platforms is a real challenge, because there are so many things you have to consider: navigation, page load time, buttons and graphics – all of these elements have to be optimized for mobile device users. Often it means that you have to completely redesign your website and start from scratch. If you do not know how to create a mobile friendly website, ask a company specializing in online store development for a web design quote and order customized services.

5. Your website design is outdated

Trends in website design change every few years, so if you have not updated your website design lately, chances are that your layout and graphics seem outdated and unattractive to your prospective customers. One of the easiest way to deal with the problem is to invest in great design to assure that your website is up to modern standards in website design.

6. Your online store does not seem trustworthy

Customers do not want to buy from an online retailer, whom they do not know and who does not provide all of the features, which make the online store seem trustworthy. These features include SSL certificate, easy to find contact details, clear guidelines regarding returns of products and numerous comments from customers, who purchased products from the store in the past few months.

7. Your shipping costs are too high

Free shipping is a standard in modern eCommerce and most online retailers offer free shipping for either all of their products or orders over a certain amount of money. If your shipping costs are high or hidden from customers (i.e. you add the shipping costs at the last stage of the checkout, without informing your customers about shipping rates on the product page), it can be a major turn-off for your customers.

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