Web development: Update your site

The web is full of outdated sites. One has only to put in a search on google and start clicking to find numerous websites which are flat, dull, and look like they have not been updated since the 1990s. Why is this? Perhaps it is the misconception that updating a website requires an extensive knowledge of coding or an in-depth understanding of WordPress, Dreamweaver, or other web software in order to perform the task. Whatever the reason, it is probably in err. A website can be updated to more modern standards with just 5 simple steps.

Step One: Get rid of the New Times Roman

Times New Roman and Arial font are typical of older websites. There are a ton of fonts available which are more aesthetic and dynamic for the viewer. Consider using Futura Light for your content. Avoid using any font that is bubbly (unless you have a children’s site or something of that nature) as it does not convey the sense of professionalism and authority that most people want. Also, avoid using cheap 3D Text effects. If you want to have 3d text, use a 3d Modelor have it as part of your logo. Simply adding a black line outside of the text or tilting the text to appear 3D does not work in today’s market.

Step Two: Ditch the thumbnails and use a slide show

Button slide shows are available as plugins for most sites. Whether you are using WordPress, Webly, or Adobe Muse, the slideshow is available. The popularity of the button slideshow is that it takes up less space, presents only the relevant images needed, and allows for a level of user interaction. Thumbnails tend to give off the impression of a table or grid system design (which is a trait of older websites) and should be avoided if possible. Be cautious when using the slideshow not to put too many images as this could cause a negative response to your site.

Step Three: Add Multimedia

People want to be entertained and stimulated when they are on the internet, even if they are reading about stocks, finances, or something which is traditionally not considered such. Incorporating video and images into your site is a must. But do not just put any video into your page. Look for videos which address the following:

  • Present a problem that you have the solution to
  • Empower the viewer – Do not make it a sales pitch
  • Do not showcase your competition – This is a mistake for a lot of sites that use the automatic selection feature for their videos. Many times the selected video ends up being from a competitor or similar brand.
  • Allows for control of comments – Where you want to have organic comments on your site, you do want to be able to regulate such comments to keep from having SPAM or those four letter words which turn off viewers.

Step FourAdd depth

One of the signs of a site which has not been updated in quite some time is the depth of the site. Sites which appear to be flat are considered to be old and outdated, even if you created the site yesterday. Look at the top SERPs and you will see that these sites have multiple dimensions. And where coding and such could come into play in the design, adding a 3D background, updated navigation, 3D images, social media buttons, and layering would help greatly.

Step Five: Modify your template

Templates are great for those which are just starting out. It is a starting point. However, your site should want to go beyond that of the cookie-cutter form. Most templates allow for a large amount of customization, especially in WordPress templates. Make your site unique so that it will stand out.

Quick fix

Your website should be a main focus if you are a business or entrepreneur. As more people are turning to social media and mobile media when searching the web, it is essential that your pages be up to modern standards. And where these fixes will help you get a quick aesthetic design to the site, there is more that will be needed in order to rank highly. Do not neglect the SEO of your site, incorporate Social Media through snippets, videos, and image sharing (primarily Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram), and have a definitive call to action button.

Remember, before doing updates to your site to make a backup of your existing site, especially if you are not a web designer or programmer and attempting the changes yourself. This will save you the headache and heartache of having to start from scratch should you have a faulty plug-in, a syntax error on code, or hit the save button at the wrong moment.